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Sound Off: Delivering meals


<b> I’m a volunteer delivery driver for senior meals through Douglas County Senior Center, and I’m curious as to why Douglas County is now paying people to deliver meals rather than advertise for volunteers.</b>

The paid delivery drivers do more than deliver meals, said Tina Roberts, development manager. They are staff members at Douglas County Senior Center. The center is still looking for and advertising for volunteers.



It's because you have to pay people to deliver food that bad. I saw what one lunch a homebound friend of mine recieved. It consisted of...a piece of bologna on white bread, cold mashed potatoes n somethin else, looked like a carrot, but not sure

5 years, 5 months ago



The menus for each day of the month that DCSS provides meals are posted on the DCSS web site (www.dgcoseniorservices.org). Menus are prepared under the supervision of a registered dietician. Contact the meals program manager is there are questions and volunteer to deliver the meals.

5 years, 5 months ago


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