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Sound Off: Facilities Services


<b>Who is the assistant director for Facilities Services at KU and what is that person’s salary?</b>

There is currently no one at KU with that title. The department recently went under some reorganizing. The closest title we could come up with is the deputy director of the Facilities Services department, which is Vince Avila with a salary of $120,000.



In the many years I have worked on campus, I have seen some puzzling maintenance situations - the most recent was a broken keypad lock on an office door that we were told only a "union person" could repair. Sure enough, we waited days until said person showed (seemed like it look at least a month after that for it to finally be fixed). I found it odd, but perhaps, this is how many maintenance/repair type issues must be addressed at the State level. Does anyone know?

5 years, 5 months ago



I'd still like to know what this deputy director does that qualifies him for a $120,000 salary. KU's budget problems are the cause for roach-infested buildings with constant power and HVAC outages, but still, $120,000 is a pretty nice salary for Lawrence, KS. Especially after the outside audit that had everyone up in a roar.

5 years, 5 months ago


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