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Sound Off: Delayed practice


<b>I read the other day that the KU football team begins practice on Aug. 7 but doesn’t begin practicing in full pads until Aug. 12. Why the wait? </b>

According to, the NCAA mandates that all teams go through what’s known as an acclimatization period, which typically lasts three days and is specific to each individual player, meaning that late-arriving student-athletes do not get to skip ahead to practicing in full pads just because they showed up late. Typically, KU’s players wear shorts, jerseys and helmets at the first practice and shorts, shoulder pads and helmets until they’re able to break out the pads. The NCAA also requires that practice sessions should be limited to no more than two per day, and schools should avoid scheduling multiple practice sessions on consecutive days. KU will have five “two-a-day” practice sessions in August — Aug. 12, 15, 17, 19 and 21.

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