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Sound Off: Are members of the Kansas State Board of Education paid?


According to spokeswoman Kathy Toelkes, State Board of Education members receive a salary of $88.66 per day for days they spend conducting board business or acting in their capacity as board members. In addition to salary, board members are entitled to a per diem of $123. The amounts for salary and per diem are the same as for legislators and are set by the Legislature.
The per diem is available to board members when they attend in-state meetings where they have to travel more than 100 miles one way. If the travel distance is under 100 miles one way, members are eligible only for salary and mileage. The exception is for days when the State Board of Education is in session. On those days, board members can receive salary, per diem and mileage, regardless of the travel distance to the meeting.
When attending out-of-state meetings, board members are reimbursed for their actual expenses. They also receive salary for the actual day of the meeting (no salary for travel days). Registrations for meetings or conferences are also reimbursed. All of the salary and travel expenses incurred by members, including registrations, must be approved by the full board before being paid or reimbursed. The exception is State Board of Education meetings, which do not need board approval for the payment of salary, per diem or mileage. Toelkes added that the board has an allocated budget for travel, and members’ combined travel expenses need to stay within that allocated amount.

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