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Sound Off: Did Larry Brown have an official position with the 2012 KU men’s basketball team?


He did not. Brown likes to spend stretches of time visiting his coaching friends throughout the country and enjoys giving them feedback on their teams. As he did in 2008, Brown spent time with Bill Self late this season, but unlike in 2008, when Brown watched the final game from the stands in the KU section, he left the Final Four before the title game because he is friends with both Self and Kentucky coach John Calipari. Both Self and Calipari worked for Brown when he was the KU coach. Before working for Brown in Lawrence, Calipari worked for Ted Owens.
After expressing a desire to return to college basketball, Brown, 71, was recently named head coach at Southern Methodist University in Texas.


Matt Schwartz

He hit and ran our work dump truck with a first management truck on before final four week.

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