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Sound Off: What is the process to follow to launch a recall election against the governor of Kansas?


First off, no application for the recall of a state officer may be filed during the first 120 days or the last 200 days of the term of office of that officer. Outside of that period, there is a three-step process — application, petition and election — to recall state officers.
To make an application, a recall committee of three qualified voters would have to file a statement of grounds for recall. The grounds for recall are conviction of a felony, misconduct in office and failure to perform duties as proscribed by law.
The committee would have to file a $100 deposit, list 100 sponsors who are qualified voters who will circulate the petition and submit signatures and addresses of voters equal to at least 10 percent of the votes cast in the state officer’s last election. In the 2010 gubernatorial election, 838,790 votes were cast, so the application petition would have to have signatures of at least 83,879 people.
Then the secretary of state would review the application to determine whether it is sufficient. If it is, the secretary of state would prepare a sample petition. Those seeking the recall would have 90 days to circulate the petition and get signatures equal to at least 40 percent of the votes cast in the state officer’s last election. That would be at least 335,516 signatures.
If the secretary of state determines the petition is properly filed, the office would call a special election within 60 to 90 days. If a majority of the votes cast favor recall of the state officer, then that person’s job is vacated. A vacancy of the governor’s office would be filled by the lieutenant governor.

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