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Sound Off: Could the county road department considering installing flashing lights to indicate there’s a stop sign on County Road 458 at U.S. Highway 59?


Keith Browning, the county public works director and county engineer, said the Kansas Department of Transportation would make such a decision. “The county can request KDOT to study this location for a beacon,” Browning said. “However, since the new U.S. 59 freeway is scheduled to open this fall, it is doubtful KDOT would entertain installing beacons at this time. The new freeway includes a new interchange at Route 458 and U.S. 59, which will be a big safety improvement over the existing at-grade intersection.”


Ken Lassman

They already clamped a flashing red light on top of the westbound stop sign so folks will hopefully see it better. There is plenty of construction going on, so hopefully folks will be more alert. The only other thing they could do short term that might make sense is to put one of those bigger stop signs there.

5 years, 10 months ago


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