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Sound Off: There seems to be a very large distribution center under construction just northwest of the Lecompton interchange on the Kansas Turnpike. What is this building? Will it mean jobs for Lawrence?


It is the new warehouse and printing facility for Berry Plastics, which has been discussed multiple times over the past year by city commissioners, county commissioners and economic development leaders. The approximately 600,000-square-foot building will house about 200 employees, but most of those will be transferred from Berry’s production plant in Lawrence. There is expected to be about 12 new positions at the facility. But the project will free up large amounts of space in Berry’s production center. Economic development officials have said they are hopeful that the space will allow Berry to expand its plastic drink cup production line in Lawrence.


Paul R Getto

Wondered about that. I was afraid it was a concentration camp for 'liberals.'

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Not big enough! ;-)

6 years, 1 month ago



A Nazi Holocaust joke.

Your mother must be so proud.

6 years, 1 month ago


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