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The traffic patterns were changed along Louisiana Street, allowing only one entrance to Broken Arrow and making the four-way stop at 27th Terrace “exit only” from both Broken Arrow and South Middle schools. Is there any ongoing discussion about reconfiguring the medians — for example, taking them out — on Louisiana, from 27th Street to 28th Place, to allow for separate left-turn lanes to enter Broken Arrow and South? Also, are the ugly yellow no-turn poles at the four-way stop permanent?


David Woosley, traffic engineer for the city of Lawrence, said that the Lawrence school district changed the traffic pattern within the parking lots at Broken Arrow and South Middle schools, making the driveway at 27th Terrace an “exit only.”
That decision, in turn, required the city to block the southbound left-turn lane on Louisiana Street at 27th Terrace, Woosley said.
The materials blocking the lane are considered temporary, he said, until it is determined whether the change has solved the schools’ traffic-flow problems or if additional changes are needed.

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