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With the utilities being upgraded in the Deerfield area, is Torgeson Trenching/Westar responsible for damage to yards, appliance repair because of power surges, and are they subject to trespassing laws? If you have a complaint where should you make it?


For customers who believe that Westar Energy or one of its subcontractors have damaged a yard, Westar spokeswoman Gina Penzig said they should call Westar’s customer service, 800-383-1183. Westar will evaluate the claim. For yard damage, Westar “wants to work with the customer to make it right,” Penzig said. If the customer isn’t satisfied with Westar’s response, a formal complaint can be filed at the Kansas Corporation Commission, 800-662-0027. As for trespassing laws, utility companies have easements on land where their power lines run and have the right to access them, Penzig said. She also said that damage because of power surges is something that homeowner’s insurance covers and “generally speaking” Westar wouldn’t cover it.

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