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What is the total amount that remains to be secured for the Theatre Lawrence grant?


To reach their goal of raising $6.2 million for a new 300-seat theater northwest of Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive, leaders of Theatre Lawrence say the organization still needs to generate another $423,000 in donations and pledges by the end of September.
The date is significant because it is the deadline for two “challenge” grants: one for $1 million, and another for $500,000. Both grants are being counted toward the $6.2 million goal.
The city and county commissions each have committed $100,000 toward the goal, to help secure one of the challenge grants (the other does not count public giving as part of its challenge).
If Theatre Lawrence doesn’t reach its $6.2 million goal and loses the applicable challenge grant, the local governments would not be required to follow through with their $100,000 commitments, said Mary Doveton, executive director of Theatre Lawrence.

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