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Our street sign reads that the street we live on is “Bluestem Dr.”
There is also a sign that says “Bluestem Ct.” My brother, in Las Cruces, said he’d found out that it was “Blue Stem.” Recently, I applied for something, and when I told the person our address was the first spelling, the computer wouldn’t accept that spelling, though it would if it was separated into two separate words. Which is the correct spelling, and if the signs are incorrect, will they be replaced?


While Webster’s Dictionary spells it “Bluestem,” other reputable dictionaries split it into two words. It appears both spellings are correct.


Brian Hall

How it's spelled on the sign should be correct but the city should know what the "correct" (as in, how the city wants it spelled) spelling is. I'm more bothered how Ward Ave. (off Haskell near 15th) suddenly became Ward St after the sign was replaced.

6 years, 7 months ago


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