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Where are the storm shelters located in Lawrence? Given the bad weather we might be having in the next few days and what happened in Joplin, I was just wondering if there is a storm shelter for people who do not have basements? I tried to Google for that but didn’t find anything.


“There are no FEMA-approved public storm shelters in Lawrence,” said Teri Smith, director of Douglas County Emergency Management. “You need to go to the lowest level (and) have the most walls as you can between you and the outside, with no windows.
“People need to make sure to know where to take shelter, no matter where they’re at. It’s important that people have a plan, have a kit and stay informed.”


Loretta James

you would think with all the property they own the city could have 4 or 5 shelters around lawrence for those who have no basement. Take away 4 roundabouts and they would have the money to pay for them.

7 years ago



SHHHHH don't talk about roundabouts there more importanted then people lives don't you know.

7 years ago


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