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If you have a handicapped sticker, do you still have to put money in the meters in downtown Lawrence or any other places?


According to Megan Gilliland, communications manager for the city, the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities states that when a vehicle bears a special license plate or placard, the vehicle is being operated by or used for the transportation of a person with a disability, these vehicles are exempt from any parking fees of the state of any city, county or other agency.
On Kansas University’s campus, people who want to park in handicapped parking regularly must register their placards. Donna Hultine, director of parking at KU, said the policy was relatively new to help prevent people from using placards they found or got from a relative.
“It’s a way to make sure that we have an idea of the number of people we need to serve, and that we’re able to keep those stalls available to the people who need them,” she said.
Once a car with a handicapped placard is registered, the parking department will give the driver a KU sticker to be displayed. At that point, the car can park in any meter or handicapped stall for free. If the driver wants to park in a parking lot, such as a yellow or red lot, they will need to buy a parking pass to that lot.
If someone with a legitimate handicapped placard gets a ticket in a meter or handicapped spot, Hultine said the driver could come to the parking office, register the placard and get the ticket canceled.

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