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I understand that Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center charges people on a sliding scale. Does the scale go all the way to zero or is there a minimum fee they charge, which would therefore exclude the indigent?


A sliding fee scale is available to some Douglas County residents according to financial ability and access to other resources such as insurance, Medicaid and Medicare, said Cindy Hart, development director. Clients at the lowest income level may apply for a fee waiver.
Regarding indigent care, Bert Nash has a team of homeless outreach professionals who assist individuals and families with and without mental illness. The Bert Nash Center works in partnership with city, county and state resources to assist the population with location of permanent or transitional housing, and finding and accessing resources and support from other Douglas County providers.
“While the Bert Nash Center receives public funding, we are an independent organization and 60 percent of our operational expense is covered by the fees our clients pay. Therefore, we provide indigent care within our financial limits,” Hart said.


Loretta James

a friend of mine went there for help and left because she couldnt pay the fee no one said anything about wavier of the fee but thats how it goes need help theres none for you if you cant pay now.

7 years, 3 months ago


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