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We were told by a city employee that a used car lot couldn’t use balloons, movable signs or displays but three times per year per dealership. A dealership on Sixth Street is using these every day. Have the codes been changed or are they only enforced on certain dealerships?


The city code does not allow for moving signs, which are identified as any sign, or part of a sign whether illuminated or nonilluminated, that does not remain stationary at all times regardless of power source which effects movement, said Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager.
Because balloons are intended to direct attention to a place of business, she said, they are consider to be a sign. “Therefore, balloons and any other type of movable sign are not permitted,” Gilliland said.
No more than one permit for a temporary sign shall be authorized per year for any business, commercial establishment, multishop commercial area or industrial development, she said. The permit is valid for 30 days.
“The business in question has been contacted and advised of the sign code regulations,” Gilliland said. “All other dealerships are in the process of being visited to ensure those businesses are in compliance of the sign code.”

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