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I heard a rumor the Hobby Lobby chain is owned or partially owned by the Phelps Family in Topeka. Is that true?


No. The chain of 480 stores, including one in Lawrence, is owned by Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. CEO David Green and his wife, Barbara.
The confusion may come between David Green, of Hobby Lobby, and David Greene — with an “e” on the end — of the First Amendment Project, said Vince Parker, Hobby Lobby’s director of training and customer service.
“Hobby Lobby is in no way affiliated with Fred Phelps or Westboro,” Parker said. “Hobby Lobby is Christian owned and we do contribute to various Christian charities. We focus primarily on the distribution of Bibles to children around the world.
“We do not support any political groups and certainly do not support any anti-gay organizations. We seek only to spread the message of God’s love and salvation, which is offered to all people.”

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