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Is the trail along the Kansas River open under the Turnpike? I remember running up there one time and it was closed.


The levee is clear for runners, walkers, bikers, hikers and others looking for recreation along the river as the levee passes underneath the Kansas Turnpike, after a couple years of intermittent disruptions.
Construction crews had been forced to close that section of the trail for weeks at a time, as contractors were busy tearing down and replacing the turnpike’s bridges that cross the river, said Rex Fleming, project engineer.
Crews also had to remove existing bridge piers and build new ones, which meant building a new section of levee — a section that remains in place, at some benefit for trail users.
“It’s straighter now,” Fleming said. “It used to curve around the piers. Now it’s not perfectly straight, but it’s straighter than it was. …
“All that levee work is done, and it’s back to normal operation.”

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