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My two favorite Jayhawks of all time are Drew Gooden and Thomas Robinson and they both wear the same unusual number: 0. Isn’t that ironic? Anyway, I was wondering what other players in KU history have worn that number.


Actually, that’s not ironic. It’s coincidental, provided it wasn’t the jersey number that drew you to these players, in which case it would be neither ironic nor coincidental. Anyway, they are the only two players in KU history to wear that number. There have been six players who have worn 00 for all our parts of their careers: Darrell Arthur, Norm Cook, Wilmore Fowler, Hasan Houston, Jim Husser and Greg Ostertag.



"Actually" What's up with the vocab lesson in the response? and "anyway" the question was regarding those who wore number 0 not 00.

7 years, 3 months ago


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