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I read where Lawrence made a list of “Worst Speed Trap Towns in North America.” I’m wondering how much the city takes in on traffic fines and whether it is going up or down?


Total fines collected by the city have been holding virtually steady since 2007, according to city budget documents. In 2007 the city collected $2,499,827. In 2008 it was $2,499,596. In 2009, it was $2,487,984.
Fines for 2010 are on pace to increase. The City Commission in July 2009 raised many speeding and traffic fines. Through the first seven months of 2010, the city collected $1,765,440. It is budgeted to collect $2.8 million for the entire year.
The totals are for all types of offenses handled in Municipal Court, not just traffic offenses.

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