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I have several sheets of glass from old picture frames. Is there any place they can be recycled? If not, what’s the safest way to dispose of them?


According to Megan Gilliland, communications manager for the city of Lawrence, none of the local recycling centers or local frame shops has an option to recycle or reuse picture frame glass. She said disposal of such glass is similar to disposal of “sharps” in residential trash. Window or picture frame type glass items and shards should be packaged by wrapping them in paper, bagging them and placing in sealed cardboard boxes or wrapping completely in duct tape. Label them as “sharps” with a permanent marker and place in household trash.



Our big sheets of glass, I broke into smaller pieces then took to Walmart. I have also taken the bigger glass to recycle center at 12th and Haskell. I have recycled about 12 patio door glass this was. NO PROBLEM.

7 years, 6 months ago


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