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I recently renewed my car registration. Instead of sending me a sticker, they sent me a new license plate. Why are they sending out new license plates? Is a person supposed to keep or throw away their old one?


“As per state statute, license plates are reprinted and reissued every five years,” said Paula Gilchrist, Douglas County treasurer. “You can throw away your old plates, or bring them by the courthouse or our satellite locations and we will scrap them for you.”
Plates taken to the treasurer’s office are sent to Wichita, where the state’s maker of license plates melts them down and reuses the material for new plates.
Either way, Gilchrist said, people should be certain that their tags don’t fall into the wrong hands.
“Just be sure no one gets a hold of them, like the bomber in New York,” Gilchrist said. “You don’t want your plate on his car. … It’s for your own protection. Just make sure it’s safely disposed of.”

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