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With all the street repairs that are necessary in Lawrence, why is the city or county rebuilding the bicycle path between Wakarusa and the South Lawrence Trafficway, along Clinton Parkway?


In 2009, the city of Lawrence applied for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding and was awarded $800,000 to replace the deteriorating multi-use path on Clinton Parkway, from Wakarusa Drive to Kansas Highway 10, said Megan Gilliland, a city spokeswoman. An additional $68,000 for the project — known as the Clinton Parkway Path Reconstruction — is funded through Lawrence Parks and Recreation, for a total cost of $868,183.70.
As part of the application process, the city had to choose projects that fit into certain categories, and one such category was bicycle or pedestrian pathways.
Since the existing 8-foot-wide path is asphalt and is cracked and deteriorated, city officials decided that this project was a good candidate and would be a good use of federal grant funding at a local level.
The city also is committed to addressing street maintenance needs, Gilliland said: In 2010 alone, the city is projected to spend $5,256,919 on street maintenance, which includes street repaving, mill and overlay, microsurfacing and the replacement of curbs and gutters in many areas throughout Lawrence.

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