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There have been frequent references to a YMCA in the Old Home Town column. When did it exist? Where was it?


According to YMCA Archives, in 1882 and 1883, there were two YMCAs established in Lawrence — one was for the city and the other was affiliated with Kansas University. In 1917, there is record of a Haskell YMCA as well.

The city’s YMCA was located:
• 1883-1897, second floor of 902 Mass.
• 1898-1899, 937 Mass.
• 1900-1906, second floor of 924 Mass. (Dr. James Naismith was vice president in 1901.)
• 1907-1919, 16 W. Eighth St.

KU’s YMCA was located:
• 1882-1888, Fraser Hall, room 11.
• 1889-1914, 1300 Oread Ave.

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