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Since Sunflower Broadband is now offering additional channels on its extended basic lineup, will the Journal-World be expanding the TV Weekly publication to include the listings for these channels?


“We are currently using the maximum number of channels we can publish in the TV Weekly grid. Adding a channel requires the removal of an existing channel. We only do this on rare occasions in order to avoid disruption to the loyal TV Weekly users,” said Rod Kutemeier, general manager of Sunflower Broadband.
The two channels added to the Digital Expanded Basic Lineup on Dec. 15 were TruTV-HD and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). TruTV-HD is a simulcast of TruTV (formerly CourtTV) programming, which is already in the TV Weekly grid.
“We will watch viewership statistics, and if Turner Classic Movies has a significant increase we will consider replacing an existing TV Weekly channel with TCM in the future,” Kutemeier said.

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