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I read the article on hit-and-run accidents. Of the three where the person was caught and the victim was killed, only two were charged with vehicular homicide. The third one was not. What determines if a person is charged with vehicular homicide?


A charge of vehicular homicide “requires something more than ordinary or simple negligence yet something less than gross and wanton negligence,” said Charles Branson, Douglas County district attorney. “It is determined on a case-by-case basis, based upon the totality of the circumstances.”
Joel Hernandez is charged with vehicular homicide for the Oct. 16 hit-and-run death of Rachel Leek.
Joshua Walton was charged with manslaughter in the Sept. 23, 2006, hit-and-run death of Ryan Kanost. A jury convicted him of vehicular homicide, a misdemeanor.
Jake Deckert faced various charges for the May 4, 2008, hit-and-run death of Thomas Crum. The charges did not include vehicular homicide.

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