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Can you find out what is causing people with allergies to have such serious allergy attacks with this cold weather? It’s way too cold for any pollen or molds to be alive. I have many friends, including myself, who are suffering very seriously as if it were the height of allergy season.


Dr. Warren Frick, of Asthma Allergy & Rheumatology Associates in Lawrence, agrees that there are no pollen or mold counts this time of year. His first thought is that it might be from turning on the furnace, which can stir up animal dander, mold, dust mites and cockroach dust. Frick said there are a number of ways to control these including: keeping humidity low, getting rid of carpeting, washing linens in hot water with chlorine bleach, putting pillows and mattress in dust-mite-proof encasements, adding filters, excluding animals from the indoors and exterminating coackroaches. But, he said, an indoor allergy reaction likely would happen every winter. So he’s not sure this is the problem. Without more detailed information, Frick said, it’s hard to determine.

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