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Why is The Oread hotel canceling reservations for 40 rooms during the KU-Kansas State football game?


After the press announced October’s football game was being moved from a Saturday to a Thursday, guests quickly went to an online room reservation system that isn’t available most football weekends, according to hotel officials.
The new online system allowed guests to book rooms for Thursday before the system could be updated. The hotel’s rooms had already been reserved and sold out for the Saturday game. While the room inventory was being updated in the online system, 40 rooms were sold when they were not technically available.
“We apologize to our guests for this difficult situation and assure them that this technical problem has been resolved,” said Nancy Longhurst, Oread general manager, in a statement, adding that gift cards were mailed to those affected and phone calls made to explain the situation as the hotel works to accommodate the guests wanting to stay with them for the game.

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