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I remember reading about a boy who years ago died at a young age who had a great love for trains spawned by Engine 1073. Can anybody fill in the details for me?


A check of Journal-World archives shows that Colin Philip Beyer, who died Sept. 24, 1992, at the age of 13 in Westboro, Mass., lived in Lawrence until he was 3, when his parents completed their doctorates in English at Kansas University.
Colin’s obituary said that he had “a yearlong struggle against a brainstem tumor. ... Colin was a train lover who began developing his knowledge of railroads by spending countless hours on Engine 1073 in Lawrence’s Watson Park and by meeting trains at Union Depot in North Lawrence. He traveled extensively by rail in the various places his parents’ teaching careers had taken him. After leaving Lawrence, he lived in Zhengzhou, the People’s Republic of China; in Ames, Iowa; in Milford, Mass; and in Ankara, Turkey.”

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