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It’s difficult for me to get to the Douglas County Courthouse to change my registration to vote. Can I do it online?


Yes, you can — if you have a valid Kansas driver’s license or nondriver’s identification card.
Here’s how: Visit the Online Voter Registration site, at https://www.kdor.org /voterregistration. Be sure to include “s” after “http,” which indicates that you’re accessing a secure site.
There, you will be asked to answer a few questions — about your age, address, etc. — and then to “sign” your application by typing your name.
The information then will be forwarded to the Douglas County Courthouse, where personnel in the clerk’s office will update your records and have you cleared to vote in upcoming elections.
And for those who do not have a Kansas driver’s license — say, college students who live here but are licensed in another state — special forms are available at the online site, said Jamie Shew, county clerk. Just print out a form, fill in the blanks and then send it to the clerk’s office: either by e-mail as an attachment, sent to kcampbell@douglas-county. com; or by fax, to 832-5192.

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