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What were Kansas University’s old restrictions for getting a jersey number for basketball honored in the rafters? When did they change and what are the new standards?


The concept of retiring the jerseys of outstanding KU players was initiated prior to the 1992-93 season when banners honoring Clyde Lovellette, Danny Manning, B.H. Born, Charlie Black, Paul Endacott and Wilt Chamberlain were unveiled in the south end of Allen Fieldhouse. The original criteria for a retired jersey included KU players named college basketball player of the year, MVP of the NCAA Tournament or being named a four-time All-American. The list was expanded in 1997 to include Ray Evans, who holds the distinction of being an All-American in both football and basketball. The criteria were again expanded prior to the 2002-03 season to include consensus first-team All-Americans, two-time first-team All-Americans and Academic All-American of the Year.
Six years ago, all criteria were abandoned, with KU Athletic Department officials electing to hang the jerseys of players they deem worthy of such an honor, including ones who did not meet the old standards.

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