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The Juice Stop ad says that Bistro Bella will be changing its name to Blue Chip Gourmet. Has there been a change of ownership? Or are they going to concentrate on more food items and less coffee?


Bistro Bella has changed its name to Blue Chip Gourmet.
The store, 3514 Clinton Parkway, made the change to ensure customers knew they sold Blue Chip products, said Derek Opitz, manager.
The store, owned by Steven Stewart, has always been a part of the Blue Chip franchise, which sells primarily gelato, cookies and coffee, Opitz said.
Along with the name change, the manager said that the store made some minor renovations and trimmed down its menu, to weed out items that didn't sell as well, but there are no major changes.
Stewart also owns Juice Stop in Lawrence, Opitz said.

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