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How many times has Sen. Sam Brownback voted for the renewable and wind energy development bills in Congress? What were the bills and how did he vote?


According to his Washington office, Brownback has strongly supported wind energy throughout his career in the Senate. His staff supplied these examples:
• In the 2007 Farm Bill, he voted against an amendment that would limit a tax credit for expenditures on wind energy equipment to $4,000 a year.
• In 2008, in consideration of HR 3221, the Mortgage Relief Act, he voted once against another amendment to extend the renewable energy tax credit by a year because it required, as an offset, reduction of the credit rate for wind energy.
• On that same bill, HR 3221, he voted in favor of an amendment extending existing energy tax breaks totaling $6 billion for producing energy from wind and other renewable sources, including a one year extension of the renewable energy tax credit.
• In 2008 he also voted in favor of multiple amendments to HR 6049, the Tax Provisions Extension Act, calling for further extensions of tax credits for wind and solar energy.
Additional information on how members of Congress voted on specific bills can be found at home/thomas.html.

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