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Is the Douglas County prosecutor investigating the death of the young KU student? Is he going to pursue the people who sold or gave him the alcohol at the local establishment?


The Douglas County District Attorney’s office said it has not received any reports from Lawrence Police, or any other law enforcement agency, regarding the death of Jason Wren, a Kansas University freshman whose body was found March 8 inside his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
If reports are provided, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Charles Branson said they would be reviewed for potential criminal charges.
Lawrence Police said their investigation into the death is finished, though they’re awaiting toxicology results before closing the case and announcing an official cause of death. Police have said they don’t believe foul play was a factor.
Jay Wren, the student’s father, has said his son died after a night of heavy drinking that included margarita consumption at a local restaurant, followed by more drinking at the fraternity. Police have not confirmed his reports.

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