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Some Lawrence grade schools’ PTO organizations are collecting Hy-Vee grocery receipts. In return, Hy-Vee gives the school district money. The money doesn’t appear to be going to the school and the district can’t seem to explain. Where is it going?


Some school PTOs work directly with Hy-Vee on fundraisers. If the funds are part of a local grant, they are used according to the specific purpose of the grant. Other schools collect grocery receipts through the Hy-Vee Dollars for Scholars program.
Lawrence Schools Foundation Executive Director Susan Esau explains, “Dollars for Scholars is a collaboration between Hy-Vee and the foundation. Hy-Vee sends a lump sum check with a list of the schools’ receipt totals to the foundation, which in turn sends a check for the total contributions to the district’s finance office. Building principals are notified of the amounts added to the schools’ accounts. The foundation receives a small percentage of Hy-Vee’s contributions.”

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