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The crosswalk island next to the Malls Shopping Center doesn’t have any reflective tape on the curbing. It’s been hit by several people. When will the city put some reflective tape on the new island? There’s another crosswalk island about a block away that has plenty of reflective tape.


David Woosley, the city’s traffic engineer, said that he and others continued to look for ways to improve visibility of such concrete “islands” along Louisiana Street.
“The problem with the tape on the island is that it gets dirty and isn’t reflective,” Woosley said. “We’ve tried lots of different things on the other ones.”
Among previous attempts: Yellow paint, reflectors, and “reflective metal strapping.” Ones that have staying power include object marker signs on the islands themselves, and crosswalk signs behind curbs on the side of the road.
“Signs seem to work the best,” Woosley said. “They’re 4 feet in the air and are less likely to be covered with dirt.”

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