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Is there a reason why the city won’t resurface 31st Street? It’s to the point where it’s becoming too dangerous to drive.


The question likely refers to a stretch of 31st Street that is just west of Louisiana Street, said Mark Thiel, assistant director of public works for the city of Lawrence.
The city won’t resurface that section of road, he said, because it is not in the city limits and therefore is not the city’s responsibility to maintain.
The county has no immediate plans to perform any substantial repaving on the road, said Terese Gorman, the county’s engineering division manager.
Blame ongoing plans for the South Lawrence Trafficway, completion of which would require the removal and relocation of that stretch of 31st Street. County crews want to avoid the expense and inconvenience of making major upgrades along 31st, given the circumstances.
“The million-dollar question is, ‘When is the SLT going to happen?’ Well, you tell me,” Gorman said. “We are aware of the situation. Admittedly, if the SLT gets delayed indefinitely, we’re going to have to do something more extensive than the patching we do now. We’re just trying to be financially responsible county employees.”

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