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Since we have passed a large amount of money to bail out GM, could you please tell me what the UAW workers are giving up? I have the idea that even the laid-off workers will be paid full wages from my money.


Active and retired autoworkers have made “enormous sacrifices” as part of the GM restructuring, said Alan Reuther, the UAW’s legislative director, in a letter to lawmakers in Washington:
• Elimination of performance bonuses of 4 percent and 3 percent that had been scheduled for this year and 2010.
• Elimination of cost-of-living adjustments for the remainder of the contract.
• Reduced holidays.
• “Substantially” scaled-back overtime and relief-time rules.
• Frozen wages for new entry-level employees.
• Ability for GM to hire more “entry-level” employees, plus part-timers with reduced wages and benefits.
• Suspension of some job-security programs, and scaled-back supplemental unemployment benefits for laid-off workers.
• Reduction of job classifications.
Among sacrifices made by retired UAW members, Reuther said:
• Elimination of premiums for Medicare Part B, now $76.20 per month.
• Increased copays for prescription drugs.
• Elimination of dental and vision benefits.

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