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We live on County Road 458, where bicycle accidents frequently happen. The road has been resurfaced but has been without striping for about a month. When will the striping be added and why are bicycles allowed on the road without the markings?


Douglas County’s hired contractor will be painting pavement markings on the road this week, weather permitting, said Keith Browning, director of public works and county engineer.
“The county contracts for pavement markings, which are repainted each year systemwide,” Browning said. “Unfortunately, there is a often a lag time following road resurfacing until pavement markings can be applied. During this time in which no pavement markings exist, warning signs are installed notifying the traveling public of the lack of pavement markings.
“Road users must use caution through these areas given the lack of pavement markings. Bicyclists are part of the road user mix, and have the same rights as motorists to use the road.”

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