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Is sun tea safe?


The hot summer sun may tempt you to take advantage of the rays for brewing teas, but sun tea is not always safe, says Susan Krumm, K-State Research and Extension agent. A sun tea jar left outside can create an ideal environment for bacteria that make people sick.
Brew your teas using the simple refrigerator or boiling methods. Just place the tea bags in a pitcher of cold water, and then let it “brew” overnight in the refrigerator. If using the boiling method, boil water and remove from heat. Place the tea bags in the hot water for three to five minutes and then add the desired amount of ice water to dilute. It is essential to keep your tea refrigerated until it is ready to be served, which will hinder bacteria growth. In the rare instance that not all tea is enjoyed within 2 to 3 days, dispose of any remaining.

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