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Who is paying for the recent repairs to Bowersock Dam? The company or the city?


It’s been a partnership, said Sarah Hill-Nelson, owner and operator of Bowersock Mills & Power Co. The company provides the labor, and the city pays for materials.
In the most recent case, Bowersock supplied employees and contract workers to repair and raise wooden and metal doors atop the dam that spans the Kansas River in Lawrence. The work began Jan. 17 and was to be finished Wednesday.
The city is paying for the materials: 17 new plywood doors, plus a collection of bolts, braces and other materials used to secure all 65 doors in place. Hill-Nelson estimates that the city spends about $5,000 a year on maintenance materials for the dam, which Bowersock owns.
The cost-split conforms with a cooperative agreement entered into by the city and Bowersock in April 1977, she said. The pact will expire in 2027.

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