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Who selects the winner of the Good Manner Award at the Douglas County Fair and what’s the criteria for getting the award?


According to Margaret Kalb, executive secretary of the Douglas County Fair Board, the winner is selected by three individuals.
These individuals might be former 4-H members, former 4-H parents, or anyone who has connections to the fair.
These people are given a score sheet at the beginning of the fair with the names of all the 4-H members who have been nominated for the award.
They score the 4-H members based on:
• Manners of the exhibitor at all times during the fair, regarding helpfulness, cooperation and attitude.
• Attractiveness of the pen or stall, and of the animals exhibited.
The scores given by the three judges are combined, and the 4-H’er with the most points is named the Good Manners Award winner.
The judges’ names are never revealed.
Each livestock superintendent can nominate any 4-H member exhibiting in his or her area for consideration for the award.
This year’s winner was Lacey Hunsinger, who is a member of the Vinland Valley 4-H Club and is a senior this year at Lawrence High School.

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