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<EM>Why isn't there a dedicated left-turn arrow on the traffic signals at the intersection of Clinton Parkway and Inverness Drive? Traffic is very heavy in the morning and afternoon hours when school is in session and it is hard to make a left-hand turn going either direction on Clinton Parkway. Is there any way the signal arrow can be turned on? There's one there, but it is never turned on. </EM>


The left-turn arrows do work under certain conditions, said David Woosley, the city traffic engineer. Since left turns can also be made on a regular green light, most left-turners are able to turn during that time period. However, if a vehicle has been waiting for 20 seconds without turning, then the left-turn arrow will appear at the beginning of the next cycle, after Inverness traffic has had its turn. The detector loop for the westbound left-turn failed recently and had to be replaced, so the westbound arrow was out of service for a few days. However, it has been replaced and everything is working properly now.

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