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Have you been following the race for the 2nd Kansas Congressional District?

Yes 159 votes


No 127 votes


Not yet 30 votes


316 total votes



Yes I have, now who is running?

5 years, 5 months ago



The above response reminded me of a letter sent to a newspaper about a writer who resorted to childish name-calling in expressing displeasure. The writer reminded discussed a truth in communication that I am grateful to have learned. That truth is that a speaker or writer whose words would be received as credible will choose vocabulary for its clarity in expressing reasoned thinking, and never, ever, will resort to name-calling of ones who think differently. The occasion to express thoughts will be used to offer the best ideas that support the stance on the issue. When the occasion to communicate is used in any part for name-calling it is like a giant sign has been posted that states: “I am out of any credible thoughts on this issue, hence I am forced to indulge in childish name-calling.” Thoughtful, intelligent adults do not resort to name-calling.

5 years, 5 months ago


Reuben Turner

well i be.... gbulldog, don't you know this is a free-for-all. no one is trying to be correct, but people express their feelings and give opinions to what they are saying. i wouldn't call kansasliberal remark childish, it made me laugh, but i would say it his/her opinion and he/ she can have that.. don't ruin the blogs.

5 years, 5 months ago


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