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On the street: Now that it’s over, how do you feel about Monday’s big eclipse — or lack thereof?

Asked at Sunflower Elementary School, 2521 Inverness Drive on August 21, 2017

David Shew, third-grader , Sunflower Elementary

Photo of David Shew

“Really sad and mad at the same time… We wanted to see this, and we just didn’t.”

Evan Zelvy , third-grader, Sunflower Elementary

Photo of Evan Zelvy

“I’m kind of sad because I’ve never seen one before and I thought I’d never get to see one until I’m older. ”

Violet Thompson, fourth-grader, Sunflower Elementary

Photo of Violet Thompson

“I think it was kind of lame that the eclipse did not show up for us. I think Mother Nature didn’t want us to see it, but it’s nice that people saw it outside of Lawrence. ”

Lane Palmer, third-grader, Sunflower Elementary

Photo of Lane Palmer

“Sad… (Reports) said we were gonna get 97 percent — like almost a total eclipse — and nothing happened. ”

Jocelyn Wilson, fifth-grader, Sunflower Elementary

Photo of Jocelyn Wilson

“I kind of wish we would’ve seen it, but in our class we streamed it live, so we got to see that, at least.”

Easton Graves, third-grader, Sunflower Elementary

Photo of Easton Graves

“Sad, because we didn’t get to see it at all. ”

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