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On the street: If you were a busker, what would your act be?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 28, 2016

Travis Herod, works at Kansas University, Lawrence

Photo of Travis Herod

“Dramatic monologues.”

Claire Mersmann, nanny, Lawrence

Photo of Claire Mersmann

“Something fire-related. Fire dancing, firebreathing, fire spitting — one of those.”

Madina Salaty, Montessori teacher, Lawrence

Photo of Madina Salaty

“It would be a dog act. My dog would perform tricks.”

James Messer, student, Lawrence

Photo of James Messer

“Trombone playing.”


Bob Reinsch

I would dress up as an English gentleman, mind the crosswalks with a sign in hand, and, at the appropriate moment, commence to safely pause traffic and gently compel people to walk silly.

2 years ago


Bob Smith

Possum juggling.

2 years ago


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