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On the street: What are your plans for Memorial Day?

Asked at Lawrence Public Library on May 27, 2016

Joy Towle, volunteer, Lawrence

Photo of Joy Towle

“Going to Topeka to visit my mother-in-law.”

Noble Lathrom, retired, Oskaloosa

Photo of Noble Lathrom

“Going to the cemeteries and watching the VFW ceremonies.”

Inge Housworth, retired, Lawrence

Photo of Inge Housworth

“I’ll go to the VFW celebration they have at the cemetery. I make the rounds to a couple cemeteries. My husband’s a veteran.”

Sean Cummings, retired, Lawrence

Photo of Sean Cummings

“If we can find a family member with a vehicle that works, we’re going to go out and visit the family cemetery.”

CJ Fowler, cook, Lawrence

Photo of CJ Fowler

“I have to work on Memorial Day.”

Erin Campbell, EMT, Overland Park

Photo of Erin Campbell

“Usually I go to the Kansas City Zoo with my kids as long as it doesn’t rain.”


Chris Warman

Looking for dry land. My yard is now a swamp.
We will still have our annual family cookout

1 year, 10 months ago


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