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On the street: What do you remember from your high school graduation?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 26, 2016

Kerry Altenbernd, law librarian, Lawrence

Photo of Kerry Altenbernd

“Our class, the class of 1970, was the first graduating class (at Lawrence High School) to wear red robes instead of black.”

Ryan Louis, professor, Ottawa

Photo of Ryan Louis

“How long it was. It was so long.”

Mark Christesen, works for the state of Kansas, Lawrence

Photo of Mark Christesen

“It was hot.”

Nedra Rogers, paraprofessional, Lawrence

Photo of Nedra Rogers

“I don’t remember anything about my high school graduation, but at my eighth grade graduation, I was real emotional. I gave a speech and I started crying, and laughing, and crying, and laughing.”

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Paul R Getto


1 year, 12 months ago


Brett McCabe

The principal spent ten minutes telling us not to throw our caps in the air. Guess how that worked out?

1 year, 12 months ago


Richard Quinlan

Went to a small catholic high school in arizona. We had Barry Goldwater as our speaker in the summer of 1969 encouraging us all to go to Vietnam . Yeah right Barry !

1 year, 12 months ago


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