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On the street: What Free State Festival events did you go to this year?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 26, 2016

Andrea Repinsky, planner, Lawrence

Photo of Andrea Repinsky

“We went to Maria Bamford and stopped by the Americans concert. We watched people stand in line for Jad (Abumrad), but our ticket money went to Maria Bamford.”

Annette McGraw, sales, Lawrence

Photo of Annette McGraw

“We (were) on our way to Public Enemy (on Saturday evening), and we went to Kris Kristofferson.”

John Henley, insurance, Lawrence

Photo of John Henley

“The outdoor concert (on Friday) at the Lawrence Arts Center.”

Brent Bartram, accountant, Lawrence

Photo of Brent Bartram

“We went to the concerts (at the Lawrence Arts Center).”


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