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On the street: What is your best memory from Kindergarten?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 21, 2016

Chris Drymon, works at a church, Kansas City, Mo.

Photo of Chris Drymon

“I remember a few things … The guy I sat next to liked playing rocket ship with his glue bottle and I thought it was the most hilarious, ridiculous thing ever.”

Lucy Hires, financial counselor, Lawrence

Photo of Lucy Hires

“Our teacher’s husband was a carpenter, so they built a life-size castle in the corner of the classroom.”

Cale Smith, transitioning out of the Army, Nashville, Tenn.

Photo of Cale Smith

“Just playing on the playground, probably.”

Maggie Hires, works for a mortgage company, Shawnee

Photo of Maggie Hires

“My ruffly socks. I wore ruffly socks almost every day.”

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